So what’s my approach to nutrition about?

Simply put, when my clients resolve their health challenges and see their family’s quality of life improve, I’ve noticed that they are able to tap into a deep inner reservoir of confidence, energy and gumption. And as a result they start believing in themselves, making more self-supportive choices and living a life less ordinary.

Achieving health goals gives us the confidence to go for what we really want in life. Things like: the courage to ask for a raise, deciding to go back to school to pursue a passion, reigniting connection in a stale marriage, starting to date again after divorce or running their first marathon. My clients report amazing stories of change. You can read them here.

My approach to healthful living is to help you understand your options, demystify what works for you and encourage you to move toward your goals in an easy, elegant manner.

Allow me to share my guiding health philosophy with you.


A Time to Reflect and Refocus

So many clients go from one activity to the next, never giving time to pause, reflect and reconnect to what’s important to them. Your sessions are a warm, safe haven for you to devote attention to your self-care (and that of your family). You’ll even start to look forward to this nurturing time-out from your busy life.

Small Changes, Big Results

I’ll show you how to upgrade the quality of your life with gradual, doable steps that invite big changes in your family’s health, without turning your life upside down.

Eat More Good Stuff

By understanding where your food comes from, how it affects you and by focusing on adding more good-for-you foods into your diet rather than focusing on what you can’t have, you’ll be poised to consistently enhance your health.

Eat Locally, Think Globally

Discover a wealth of high-quality, eco-friendly, affordable resources and unique opportunities at your in your area that help you become a savvy health shopper.

Focus on Progress, Not Perfection

Health and life improvement is not about becoming perfect. It’s about doing the best you can in every situation that presents itself. Think the “80/20” or “90/10” rule and now you’ve an enjoyable plan you can stick with.

The Power of Choice

I’m a bit of a rule breaker myself, so I’ll never expect you to follow a strict protocol. Instead, I’ll introduce you to the power of choice by educating you on the abundance of options available to choose from so you never feel deprived or restricted.

Above All, Enjoy Your Life

No one wants to be the only person at a party not eating cake. So it’s okay to have a slice of homemade birthday cake! I’ll teach you how to navigate life’s special events, holidays and vacations in an authentic, health supportive way.