A Personal Letter from Deborah Buell
Health and Nutrition Counselor
From North Reading, Massachusetts, a beautiful New England hamlet just outside of Boston

Dear Reader,

Which of these two lifestyles do you want?

Ordinary American Life

  • Weight gain of 10 pounds on average per decade
  • Repeat the same family health challenges your parent’s struggled with and lose control of your quality of life
  • Crash diet every couple of months without long-lasting results
  • Feel fearful and anxious about the state of the world and binge eat to cope

Life Less Ordinary

  • Stay independent and active as you age
  • Establish a healthy family legacy by showing your children the power of healthful living
  • Lose weight and increase energy without restrictive dieting
  • Develop a sense of emotional calm as a result of honoring your health


If you’re anything like me and my clients, a life less ordinary is the only way to go!

Healthy living doesn’t mean going on a life-long diet or settling for boring, tastless meals. It’s not about deprivation.

It’s about making wise food choices that not only bring better nutrition and profound physical transformation, but also greater focus and peace of mind.

By making simple changes to the way you fuel your body, you’ll find yourself energized to pursue your passions, nurture relationships and live a life as a reflection of your values.

Now that’s living!


However, in order for you to improve your health, you must understand this...

Too many people practice lifestyles of self-sabotage. They hold themselves to strict diet and exercise regimens that will never work because they are flawed by design.

Restricting your choices creates stress, which in turn brings you down, and then makes you feel bad about yourself. And in this day and age, you need ALL of your wits about you to succeed in all areas of your life.

In contrast, I teach you how to lift yourself up. I’ll never tell you what you can’t do or what you can’t eat.

Instead, I’ll introduce you to fresh ideas, nourishing foods you’ll love and simple lifestyle practices that will energize you and your loved ones in ways you never thought possible.

The result?


Feel Confident About Your Future

Discover the art of living a richer, more meaningful life through proper nutrition and ensure a bright future for you and your family.

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To your health,