Nourish Your Future Workshops

“My mission in conducting workshops is to see participants get inspired to make nourishment and health a priority. I teach people flexible ways to transform their health – and their lives.

- Deborah Buell


I offer a variety of informational and interactive nutrition and lifestyle seminars to corporations, local businesses, networking groups, wellness centers, gyms, physician offices and groups looking to support their members in improving their health.

Just a few of the topics….

Kick Sugar Now
Understand the highly addictive nature of sugar, why your body craves it, and easy steps you can take to alleviate and satisfy those cravings.

Eating for Energy
Discover which foods zap your energy and which foods increase your energy. Leave with 10 easy steps to increase your energy throughout the day.

ABC’s of Eating Real Food
Many think the foods they eat are healthy because the labels proclaim low-fat, no-fat, low-carb and sugar-free. Discover the world of whole foods, their importance and why they are so nourishing.

Healthy on the Go
Whether you are on the road, shuffling the kids from activity to activity or trying to balance deadlines and endless meetings all day, hectic schedules can be a major obstacle to leading a healthy life. Discover how to eat well in restaurants or on the “fly”.

My Nourish Your Future workshops are about connecting healthy living to the things that mean the most to you – creating healthy patterns for the whole family, staying active and independent, taking time for self care, and above all – enjoying your life!

Ready to ensure a bright future? Contact me today.